A young, aromatic cheese with a creamy texture that is soft and smooth.

Cheese-maker’s comment’s

Loved by young, old and those in-between. Its creamy texture, medium strength flavour, mouth coating creaminess and versatility adds excitement to any dish.

When the curd is ready to cut, intense focus is needed in the production of Danbo. If the curd is cut too big then the texture of the cheese will be too soft if it is cut too small, the texture will be too hard and rubbery. Thus, the secret with Danbo is cutting the curd just the right size.

Once that is done, it undergoes a curd washing process. This pulls a significant amount of lactose out of the cheese.
Danbo is then matured for a month (yes, only a month)! What we’re left with is a cheese which has fantastic flavour and a wholesome buttery texture.
Incredible, after such a short maturation period.

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    • • Biltong & Sliced Ham
    • • Dijonnaise & Sourdough Bread
    • • Spinach Frittata

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    • • White: Pinot Gris
    • • Red: Pinot Noir & Young Merlot
    • • Other: MCC Champagne

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    • • Amber Ale
    • • Unfiltered Weiss
    • • Classic SA Lager

Proudly South African Artisanal Cheese

  • Sustainable farming
  • Free range grass fed cows
  • Hormone-free & AB-free milk
  • Family orientated
  • Vegetarian friendly rennet
  • Slow fermented & slow matured
  • No artificial colourants
  • Hand-made, hand-brushed & hand-cut