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Klein River Mixed Fresh Shred

R470.00 R360.00

Freshly shredded 2kg bag of Mixed Klein River Cheese which will cover you for toasties, melts or basically anything needing grated cheese goodness

Klein River Cheese Nugget


Limited-edition creamy caramel semi-hard cheese made in a beautiful small round shape (~450g), perfect for the centre of a harvest table or cheese board

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Klein River Coastal Cheddar


Matured for 2 months, this hand-crafted Cheddar develops a distinct minerality reminiscent of the ocean

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Klein River Gouda Sunrise


This 2-month matured farm style Gouda is inspired by early mornings in the countryside followed by a hearty breakfast

Klein River Gruberg Mature


Gruberg is our flagship Swiss Gruyère-style cheese and is made for the discerning cheese lover: a traditional brushed rind cheese that reveals rustic, earthy & nutty notes

Klein River Leyden


Full fat semi-hard cheese with caraway seeds which adds an aniseed-flavour & an unexpected cooling effect

Klein River Overberg


This aged Gouda-style cheese uses a unique press & curd-cutting process which creates a creamy, mature cheese with a rich, robust flavour