We are excited to introduce our new look and feel.

The circular shape reflects a head of cheese, the growth rings in a tree, a ripple of water to feed our souls and the wind that swirls through our valley. The concentric circles also define us as a family unit.

As part of our new logo, we have added the important terms Artisanal and Stanford. We love the artsy, foodie village we call home and wanted to pay homage to it.

What’s more, we’ve invested time and energy into researching the best packaging for our cheese to ensure its freshness and long shelf-life.

Our flagship, Gruberg, is the only cheese released at different maturities. It will therefore have one colour label but with a striking additional differentiator sticker:

  • Young (3 months)
  • Mature (6 months)
  • Vintage (1 year)

We have also segmented our cheeses according to the different styles of cheese we produce. As always, the cheese recipes have not been changed for 24 years. It’s the same award-winning product with the same delicious taste.

We know you will love the cleaner, grown up look. Thank you for being a part of our journey and we hope our cheese continues to inspire the chef within.

Klein River cheese logo final blue & white writing blue background