Named after the village we call home, Stanford is a sweet, tangy & nutty cheese

Cheese-makers comment’s

In 2006, our cheese-maker along with a select few South African cheese-makers were chosen to go on the Burgundy Exchange. This was a program for South Africans to learn how the French make their cheese. Wow!

The sophisticated machinery, superhero concentration powers of the cheese-makers, eager apprentices and the snug cave-dwelling cheese. Inspiring! A few inside secrets on cheese-making and affinage (the science and art of cheese maturation) was also learnt. It really is the little things that make big differences with cheese.

So inspired was our cheese-maker that he decided to make this cheese. It was quite a challenge to get right in our little factory. Naming this cheese was not a challenge.

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    • • Classic Potato Gratin
    • • Arancini Balls
    • • Gougères (Cheese Puffs)

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    • • White: Sauvignon Blanc
    • • Red: Pinot Noir
    • • Other: Cape Blend

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    • • Stout
    • • Lager
    • • IPA

Proudly South African Artisanal Cheese

  • Sustainable farming
  • Free range grass fed cows
  • Hormone-free & AB-free milk
  • Family orientated
  • Vegetarian friendly rennet
  • Slow fermented & slow matured
  • No artificial colourants
  • Hand-made, hand-brushed & hand-cut