From the land. About the land. Of the land. The supreme flavour, texture and aroma of a farmstead cheese links us to decades of history and country living. It connects us to the culture of the farmstead and to the circle of microbes, plants, animals, and people living in balance with one another and the environment.

Klein River Cheese crafts 4 styles and 11 types of exceptional and award-winning South African cheese. We have been producing cheese for over 25 years with a team of cheesemakers boasting extensive knowledge and experience in cheese craft.

These days, people want fast, convenient and easy food. Sustainability, nurturing and health comes from slow, deliberate and the purposeful. It comes from the small things – the attention to detail. The land that cows graze, the quality of milk, the nurturing and art of the cheese-makers hand, the shuffle of the cheese brush and precision of the cheese cutter. Klein River Cheese crafts cheese. Real cheese slowly and purposefully.

Washed Curd Cheese

Washed Curd Cheese is scalded with hot water. This pulls lactose out of the curd, limits acid production and gives the cheese a smooth, even texture.

Hard Cheese

Aromatic, granular and grate!
A slow and patient affinage encourages a complex round flavour. The desired crunchy tyrosine crystals give’s an unexpected bite to the cheese.

Brushed Rind Cheese

Brushed Rind Cheese rely on cultures on the exterior to galvanize ripening. This forms a natural rind, firm body and enhances aroma.

Young Cheese

Chefs, romantics, children and politicians are known to love this range. There’s a gentle sweetness that underpins these unpressed, loaf-shaped, versatile and playful cheeses.

Brushed Rind Cheese

A traditional brushed rind cheese that reveals rustic, earthy & nutty notes.
Gruberg is our flagship Alpine-style brushed-rind cheese and is made for the discerning cheese lover. Handcrafted on our farmstead since 1994.

It takes 18 hours to smoke this cheese using an age old cold smoking technique.
A little goes a long way. Awarded the best smoked cheese in the world at the World Cheese Awards 2016 – 17. Winner of the Woolworths Cheesemakers Challenge in 2014.

Named after the village we call home, Stanford is a sweet, tangy & nutty cheese.
This French-style cheese was inspired by inside secrets of the French art and science of cheesemaking.

Washed Curd Cheese

A young, aromatic cheese with a creamy texture that is soft and smooth.
Loved by young, old and those in between. Danbo’s versatility adds excitement to any dish.

A cheese with a velvety, creamy texture & full-flavoured umami impressions.
The cheese that everyone loves! We dare you to try it and not love it!

A unique press & curd-cutting process creates a creamy, mature cheese with a rich, robust flavour.
Produced by hand in our tiny 1300 L vat, this cheese defines artisanal and hand-made. Savour in its raw form.

The fruity, earthy and umami flavours ooooooze out when melted. 

Raclette’s name is derived from the French word, racler, which means “to scrape”.
Once the cheese hits the heat, scrape onto your favourite dish! Light that fire, we’ll bring the Raclette.

Hard Cheese

A strong, crumbly cheese with a nutty, fruity flavour and matured for up to a year.
On the farmstead we eat Grana on its own… a wooden board, cheese knife and wedge of Grana and you’re on your way!

Aged for a year, this hard, crumbly cheese has flinty, fragrant characteristics.
This cheese is delicious grated and sprinkled over every dish. And we mean every dish!

Young Cheese

Full fat semi-hard cheese with caraway seeds which adds an aniseed-flavour & an unexpected cooling effect.
We lightly cook the caraway seeds to ensure that the dormant flavours in the seeds are unleashed into the body of the cheese. The culture used in this cheese plays on the cheese texture and never disappoints.

Inspired by family, this young cheese has a light texture & a tart, caramel finish.
This cheese defines ‘All-purpose’. Can be used grated, wedged, melted, on its own and slices wonderfully. Kids love it!