Klein River Gruberg

Recipe of the month: Klein River Gruberg (December 2017)

Klein River Gruberg Mature is a traditional brushed rind cheese that reveals rustic, earthy & nutty notes. We’re very proud to announce that it won Silver at the World Cheese Awards 2017-2018. This month’s recipe is oven-baked Chicken Cordon Bleu made with Gruberg Mature.


Recipe of the month: Leyden (July 2017)

Mild and creamy, the Klein River Leyden is a uniquecheese interspersed with caraway seeds. This month’s recipe is a hearty Farmer’s Cheese (Boerenkaas) soup made with our own Leyden cheese.


Recipe of the Month: Gruberg (formerly Gruyere) (June 2017)

Slightly grainy, the Klein River Gruberg has a wonderful complexity of flavours – at first fruity, then revealing earthy, nutty characteristics that linger on the palate.

It is has a rich full flavour with a strong tang and matures for six months. This month’s recipe is a show-stopping Gruberg Fondue with caramelised shallots.