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Although the cheese has a pleasant flavour,”it is intensified when heated by fire or under a hot grill.” Then the full, nutty, sweet and slightly fruity aromas are released and the stringy elasticity of the melting-cheese makes it truly magnificent.

Basic Ingredients:

Cow’s milk; selected cultures; non-animal microbial rennet; calcium chloride; salt

Other Information:

Shelf life: approximately 4 months from day of packaging
Size and packaging: approximately 200g pre packed pieces
Suitable for Vegetarians

Uses and pairing:

Try it sliced & grilled on potatoes or blanched vegetables. Fill Ciabatta bread with pesto, slices of tomato, plenty of Raclette cheese and toast over the coals.

Did you know:

  • Klein River Raclette has received several awards at the SA Dairy Championships including a Quality Award for outstanding product quality.
  • The original Raclette cheese is an ancient mountain cheese common to the Savoie region in France and the canton of Valais in Switzerland. Raclette was also the name of a dish which dates back more than 700 years.
  • The semi-hard cheese was often eaten by shepherds and farmers, who traditionally cut the large cheese in half and leant it against a stone with the cut surface facing the open fire. The outer layer of the supple interior was allowed to heat up gradually. As soon as it started to crinkle and change colour, it would be served over a bowl of steaming potatoes, onions and pickles.