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Mild and creamy with caraway seeds.

Basic Ingredients:

Cow’s milk; selected cultures; non-animal microbial rennet; calcium chloride; salt

Other Information:

Shelf life: approximately 4 months from day of packaging
Size and packaging: approximately 200g pre packed pieces
Suitable for Vegetarians

Uses and pairing:

Ideal used as a table cheese or for a cheese platter.
Pair with beer.

Did you know:

Klein River Leyden is made with Caraway seed, but the original Dutch Leyden is spiced with Cumin seeds. Its history is quite mysterious and no one seems to know how it came about. One popular theory is that an apprentice cheese maker was enjoying some cumin seeds and accidentally dropped a handful into the cheese vat. In fear of being fired, he didn’t tell the cheese maker and when the cheese was tasted, they all loved it!