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Klein River Farmstead offers an array of exceptional and award-winning South African cheeses.

Klein River Cheese: Made for South African people by South African cows

Klein River Farmstead: Cheese made for South African people by South African cows.

All cheese is made using age-old artisinal methods on the Klein River Farmstead, Stanford. We only use locally sourced, pasture-fed cows milk that is pasteurized according to legislation. The milk is sourced from within 12 km of the Farmstead and is free from hormones and antibiotics. Non-animal microbial rennet is used and no colourants are added. Once made, the heads (or rounds) are kept in one of the seven maturation rooms. This is known as Affinage – it is the science and art of cheese maturation. The temperature, lighting, humidity and air flow are monitored under very strict conditions while each type has their own very specific needs. Depending on the type, Affinage may vary from one month to one year.

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Klein River Farmstead is committed to using the traditional washed-rind method.

Klein River Farmstead has been producing cheese for over 20 years, starting with our flagship, Klein River Gruberg (formerly Klein River Gruyere). Our cheesemaker, Jacko Van Beulen, has been with us since day one and has extensive experience and knowledge in cheese and its production. A study tour in France in 2006 further consolidated his expertise, while learning many new techniques and practices – including inspiring the production of the popular Klein River Oak Smoked Stanford.

Jacko van Beulen: 2007 – Making Klein River Grana

Klein River Farmstead has won the prestigious Qualité Dairy Product of the Year twice. Klein River Gruberg won in 2004 and most recently in 2014 for the Klein River Grana, beating over 800 dairy products throughout South Africa. The cheeses are available from The Cheese Boutique on the farmstead in Stanford, specialty stores and delis throughout South Africa and at these retail stores:

  • Woolworths
  • Checkers
  • Spar
  • Food Lovers Market

We also produce a range of other artisanal cheeses that we sell exclusively on the Farmstead. Jacko Van Beulen uses the traditional methods for producing everyday favourites such as Feta and Cream Cheese.