Recipe of the Month: Oak Smoked Stanford (May 2017)

Klein River Oak Smoked Stanford is sent to a magnificent farm near Villiersdorp where is it smoked for 18 hours using a cold smoking technique. Smoking is done the old fashioned way, controlling the draft and temperature by hand. Oak shavings from old wine barrels are used and this gives the cheese a unique flavour.

So unique in fact, that is was recently crowned best smoked cheese in the world at the World Cheese Awards. This month’s winter-warmer recipe is a delicious penne pasta with our Oak Smoked Stanford.

Recipe of the Month: Overberg (April 2017)

Klein River Overberg is an aged Gouda-style cheese made from cow’s milk. Matured for 4.5 months, this cheese has a rich and robust flavour with endless creaminess. This month’s recipe is a tantalising grilled chicken and Overberg sandwich.

Looking for some lunchtime inspiration? Craving an extravagant midnight snack? Look no further!

Recipe of the Month: Danbo (March 2017)

Klein River Danbo is a mild and slightly aromatic cheese with a smooth creamy texture that is loved by the whole family. This month’s recipe is a mouth-watering grilled bacon, Danbo and spinach frittata.

A great multipurpose dish for breakfast when you have guests around or for a lazy Sunday night-dinner.